Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend Stuff...

I've been shopping in local antique stores lately and have totally cleaned them out of the few old glass canning bottles they've had kicking around, here are just a few that I've found. I was looking for a creative way to package scented wax tarts edit, that you melt in a melting pot.

Here is an example of some of the tarts I'm packaging and selling as a fundraiser. Ther cute eh! Some smell like Ginger/Nutmeg and I have Apple Pie and Butterscotch. The Apple Pie ones are shaped like little houses. I know the gingerbread men are kinda Christmasy but they are OK anytime of year in your kitchen aren't they?! If you like the country look I guess.....personally I love primitive stuff.
Tell me, what is your most favoritest smell....and don't say "baby"....they don't bottle that one :O(.
Here is a pic of them displayed in my miniature jelly cubbard (Hubby made this for me for my birthday one year ;O) I love it!) in my shop. The jars are 22.00 Canadian, 19.50 American and the cello packs are 10.00 Canadian, so 8.90 American no tax just shipping. If your interested let me know!

He's a handy man to have around the house, I love that he knows how to do so many things. This was his latest project, hasn't painted it yet, just put the pressure treated stain on it so far. He has the lights hooked up and is just finishing off the tailgate before he goes to have it licenced....then....I FINALLY GET MY NEW WASHER AND DRYER!!!! YAY!

I felt bad for hubby, he was working in a different area than Mike Holmes so he didn't get to see him but I managed to snag a pic from the local paper to show off our Island boy Dallas who won first place in the skills competition this past weekend. Second place went to a young man from Alberta I believe. One of my friend went and she seen Mike and said...."I thought he would have been bigger than that..." LOL! Cameras eh! Yes I'm saying "eh" a lot....I am Canadian and for the entire time I've had my blog I have been removing it from my posts....I give in. I am 100% Canadian and proud to be and I say eh instead of Hi, Hey, What?, bye, congrats, hey you, thanks and just's kinda of like Aloha in means everything. Some people from the Southern States say Ya'll and I say that sometimes too....cause I like it... so "Ya'll come back now eh!"


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE those little tarts.. ok. I am a dummy.. you are going to have to explain what you do with them.. do you just sit them around.. or burn them..or what..
They are tooo cute..
I LOVE smelly things.. Love my scentsy pots...
Apple pie and Ginger/nutmeg sound YUMMY...
Love the new trailer.. and as for being full blown Canadian..
Have a great day..

a Tonggu Momma said...

favorite smell... hmmm... perhaps lavender? Wouldn't you know that the Tongginator is Hugely Allergic to it though. :)

redmaryjanes said...

Wow, your little gingerbread men are darling!