Friday, April 24, 2009

Mommy-n-Me Cookies

I took a pic of one of the cookies upside down to show how well they cook on my stoneware.....they turned out beautiful.

Jac asked me the other day if I had any of my chocolate chip cookies hiding anywhere in the deep freezer. I didn't....and I felt bad that I didn't cause I know how much she loves them and I think she might have been just missing home and needed some comfort food. I was at her house today and she was a little sad....late postpartum perhaps but regardless when I left my heart broke for her. I got home after paying some bills and doing my banking and I called and asked if she wanted to come over and make cookies with me and she was over the roof excited.

The recipe is just the Neiman Marcus famous cookie but I put a spin of my own on it and Jac thought it would be a good idea to add sesame seeds so we did and we renamed them "Mommy-n-Me Cookies".

One day in the not so far future she will be doing this with Kennady. She may be grown and have a family of her own but she will always be my little girl, and I will always be willing to make cookies with her....even if she eats most of the dough ;O)


Lea said...

what a lovely post. Have a wonderful day.


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

This post actually made me tear up...
It is amazing how fast they grow up..
Did you do that on your stoneware like mine..
Glad I got it.. any other ones that are great to use..Thinking I should order me another one..
I am going to be sooo sad when Nick goes to bootcamp..
Our babies are growing up..
I will take some of your comfort food...LOL..
Have a Great weekend..

Wendy said...

How nice are you. Those cookies look amazing.

Enjoy your evening

Nadine said...

That's a sweet story behind your cookies.

I do loving cooking on stoneware. They make cookies come out great.

Kristy said...

I love this post , and everyday as I look at Astrud at 16 it just breaks my heart that she grew up so fast. I just wish we could keep them little forever!

Love, Kristy