Sunday, February 15, 2009

32nd LIDiversary, 32 Random Things About Me..

Here we are again, Momma and Baba patiently waiting with another month behind us. Looks like it could be another 12-14 months according to our agency which is better than my prediction. They said they are believing things are going to speed up in the next couple of months. After 32 months you wouldn't think another 12-14 would be a big deal but it seems like forever away. Then I look at Miss K who is going to be 4 months in a few days and I can't believe where the time went!
Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, Creeps in this petty pace from day to day ~William Shakespeare

Ok to commemorate our 32nd LIDiversary here is a list of 32 random things about me. Perhaps on our 33nd I'll get hubby to make a list.

1. In one day I had my left foot in the Atlantic Ocean and my right foot in the Pacific…all in a days work!
2. I’m left handed but I cut hair with my right hand. (this doesn’t make me ambidextrous BTW)
3. I just recently realized that I’m a snob, as much as I hate the stereo type; I confess I’m a God snob. I won’t tolerate any substitutes.
4. A clairvoyant walked up to me and told me my father (who died when I was 6) was standing beside me…I asked her if I could pray for her and she said yes!!! Funny hey! God is more powerful!
5. I HAVE to drink milk when I eat spaghetti….does that make me a spaghetti snob?
6. I’m a third generation left hander and breech baby.
7. I was an aspiring hairdresser at the age of 9. Wanted to own my own salon one day. April 5th will be 15 yrs in business.
8. I would love to spend one more day with my dad.
9. I’m madly deeply in love with a little girl from China who I’ve yet to meet.
10. Mother’s day is one of the hardest days of the year for me.
11. My feet are always freezing.
12. I have a foot phobia. There are some UGLY digits out there people!
13. I would love to own the very first house I ever lived in.
14. I went to 12 schools in 12 years.
15. I prayed for random people while walking down the Vegas Strip.
16. I can’t fully relax unless my house is clean. OCD anyone?
17. My aches and pains go away when I’m holding my Grandbutton.
18. I love Skittles!
19. When I was 14 a friend and I tried on her 2 aunts wedding dresses that were at her Nan’s house when we were visiting and we laughed so hard we peed on them! Her Nan still doesn’t know! Mine had a big plastic hoop and I sat down! Hence the laughing so hard. Whooop! Over the head it went!
20. I secretly love graffiti. Ok well not so secretly anymore.
21. I start craft projects that I have a hard time finishing.
22. I’ve never broken a bone or had my tonsils out and I still have 2 wisdom teeth.
23. I invented the original pair of acid washed jeans, I sat on a car battery….OUCH!
24. I truly value the friendships of those who allow me to be myself and don’t try to stuff me into a mold.
25. I once fell so hard on a concrete floor that I bounced and hit my head on a office chair causing it to leave foot long black marks on the floor. After 30ish youth ran to surround me praying I walked away without a scratch or bruise. Gotta love prayer!
26. As a child I really tried to dig a hole to China……I shouldn't’t have stopped….perhaps I’d be there already!
27. I drove down Hollywood's, Sunset BLVD at sunset!
28. I went down the 21st pier of the longest unsuspended bridge in the world straight to the ocean floor. The bridge was Confederation Bridge.
29. I fell into an outhouse when I was four and after a few hours I was finally rescued. Pretty crappy situation. ;O)
30. I don’t mind cold coffee.
31. When I was 15 I drove my step dads 1960 Cadillac into town without permission. I even fluffed the grass when I returned it to the front lawn. Shhhh he still doesn’t know. LOL!
32. When I was 13 I sat on a curling iron and burned the skin off my lower back. Ouch

Have a great week everyone.


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Happy 32nd LID Ann..
I don't think you will be waiting another 12 months..
but that is me..
I love the 32 things about you..
peeing on the wedding dress is tooo funny, falling in an outhouse...YUCK..
Have a great week.

Lesa said...

Happy 32nd anniversary. I calculate about the same wait time, and I'm really getting tired of it!

Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

You've really had a full life my friend!
I love numbers :
4- made me proud
8- made a lump in my throat
9- " " " "" "
19- big smile on my face!
20- can't say I agree, but I love the fact that you love graffiti
24- I count you as one of those friends!
25- Brought back a great memory of friendship and God's provision!
26- I'm not suprised, that is our Debz!
29- I can't believe you recovered!
32- I'll never use a curling iron on my butt ever again!


3D said...

32 done!

Love the list.

Keep smilin!

Lisa said...

Happy Lidiversary. Let's hope the agency is right and things do speed up.

I laughed so hard at some of your experiences. I think you should stand from now on. Your poor little tushie.

Missy said...

What a GREAT list!!! You are so interesting. I hope your wait to your China baby isn't that long, but you sure do have a great attitude in case it is. Patience is a virtue you appear to have been blessed with. Have a great week!

Shionge said...

Very very interesting Debz and hey my little girl loves skittles too :D

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Happy 32!!

That list was fantastic...I love skittles too, they are my favorite you like the traditional or the tropical pack?

You are not a spaghetti snob....I would say if you need to drink red wine with your spaghetti, then you are a snob...LOL!!!

Have a great week!


Colleen said...

Happy 32 LID Anniversary!!!! I love getting to know you better but I hate that you have to wait so long. I'm so sorry for the long wait.

redmaryjanes said...

I love your list. I don't have my tonsils but have all of my wisdom teeth. They never came in...they're up there, but don't seem to want to make an appearance.
Sounds like you did all the wild things and never got caught! I should have hung with you in high school.

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Oh... the outhouse... I remember my Great Aunt's with the 'newspaper' squares for toilet paper... hahaha

a Tonggu Momma said...

Happy Lidversary from a fellow June Bugger. And I'm a southpaw, too!

Ransom said...

Just had to mosey over and sniff around your blog a bit! I like the portrait at the top of the post and the pic below it (of your little red Valentine) is just plain precious!

(Oh...and about the whole curling iron thing? You shouldn't be embarrassed at all...I tried fetching one and about sizzled my tongue! I was howling for weeks! That's the thanks I get for trying to help the oldest Ninja out!)

KarenW said...

Waiting is hard. I've done a lot of waiting. Not on a sweet little girl though. I hope you get to meet her much sooner than you expect! Enjoyed reading your list.

Kristy said...

You will not believe this but when me, and 3 of my friends were about 14 we took my moms car and hotrodded down the road on a rainy day none the less and when we got home we all got on our hands and knees and started moving the mud around with our hands, like that was not obvious at all, but I sweat my dad is a Polish Indian, he always has an eagle eye out for tracks, and we were so busted!!!!

Happy LIDversary!!!

Love and blessings, Kristy

Kristy said...

I know here I am again, I had to go back and read them again, you and I have alot in common and I think on our 34th LIDversary I am going to do this, do you mind? I loved this.

Love, Kristy

Amanda said...

A lot of neat info there! 12 schools in 12 months - bless your heart! My older sis went to four high schools in four years (we were military but one time it was because we moved across the street LOL).

Alyson and Ford said...

Happy 32nd LID Anniversary! You have waited one more month than we did. So sorry for the long wait!

Alyzabeth's Mommy for FIVE Months!