Monday, November 24, 2008

WIN ME! And Favorite Pics!

Remember this spring when we had the Flippin' Accessories sale at our church to raise funds for a mission trip to Nain, Labrador? Well We are at it again! We are having a Christmas Craft and Bake Sale at the first of December and the profit we raise on the goods we sell will be going to the our church missions. I thought I would also do a draw for this 8.5" Digital Frame. The tickets are 1 for $2 or 3 for $5. The draw will be held Dec 18th. The Inuit children in Nain have been on my heart ever since I heard of all the struggles they are faced with. One of my hopes when we go there with our team of youth in August is to spread encouragement to those children who have lost a parent to suicide. Having been a child who lost a parent myself I believe I could help them see life from a different perspective. This area has the highest percentage of suicide per capita in all of Canada. There are many other issues that the Inuit Indians are faced with and we hope to build them up and most of all show them the compassion that Jesus would and tell them who He is and what He can do if they put their trust in Him. Please consider helping me get there. It would be appreciated more than you could ever know.
I've attached a pay pal button to the right of my blog if you have it on your heart to give. Thanks for considering ;O). For 2-5 bucks you could have an awesome gift for someone for Christmas!
Tender tootsies.

Innocent hands.

The essence of purity.

Then....just plain weird............LOL
This was Jac and Marcie at Kennady's baby shower that we had last night. One of the games was to see who could drink juice out of a baby bottle first ....just to appreciate all the hard work a little one goes threw to feed. No wonder they're tired after a few ounces! Jac said the roof of her mouth was sore. It was a wonderful evening with lots of laughs. There were tons of beautiful little things for Miss Kennady. Thanks Dara for doing this. Your a treasure.


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Love the pictures of Kennady..
She is sooo precious..
Love the picture of Jac trying to drink out of the bottle..that is tooo funny..
Have a Great Week..
Hugs girly..

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Hey there... hope life is treating you well...
Have to say Happy Thanksgiving - though I know yours is gone...
I am glad we don't have to drink out of bottles... hehe
Take care...

OH MY #6 said...

the eyelashes, the feet, so darn adorable.


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Deb those pictures are need to use them for a collage photo Christmas would be just perfect!!

Looks like you had fun at the baby shower....what a fun game!!

Have a great week!


redmaryjanes said...

That is a great shower game...I've never seen it before.
Love the baby photos.

Janet said...

Beautiful pics!

And a funny game for the shower!

Dannye said...

those pictures are amazing, and so very touching....and the baby shower pictures are a hoot!!

happy thanksgiving!!