Friday, September 19, 2008

Day 6, Las Vegas

First thing we did today was head to Chinatown, it was beautiful and clean and peaceful. I had my nails airbrushed, it wasn't the best experience I've ever had but at least I made the effort to try to pamper myself for a change.
We headed to the Las Vegas strip for some sight seeing we seen Treasure Island, The Mirage, Caesars Palace, The Bellagio, The Outback for early supper because my poor hunny was having a hard time with keeping his blood sugar levels regulated with the heat and walking. We shared a famous Bloomin' Onion and each had a burger...mine was swordfish and it wasn't that bad for my first time eating it! We went to M&M world, Showcase Mall, New York New York, Hawaiian Market Place, Paris-Las Vegas and went on a Gondolas ride which was very romantic :o, neither of us drink or gamble so we didn't go to the bars or casino's. 9:30 we were back here at the hotel and ready for bed. The lights, shops, sights, and architecture was very impressive but my mind kept wandering to the trouble with the youth hanging out on the streets, homeless people, young ladies clearly not fully comprehending what a dishonor they are doing to their bodies with the many strip clubs, and please if anyone knows, why, why, why would anyone take their children with them to a heart broke for them. I have to tell ya there is much more to Vegas than I ever imagined. As the saying goes "Nice place to visit...wouldn't want to live there." Looking forward to a quiet day tomorrow. We bought a few little things here and there. We got our daughter a shirt that has Daddies Little Girl, and a smaller suit case to bring our new stuff home with. Enjoy the pics these are just a few of the ton that we took.
Oh! And last but certainly not least HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLBY!!! WE LOVE YOU! We miss you! Click HERE for slide show.


Anonymous said...

I like the insert "life is god's Novel, let Him write it."
Very kewl
FYI the right left button works on most of the photos but there are still a couple that would work for me ahh well you will just have to show me the real photo groups when you get back, enjoy you two.

OH MY #6 said...

U sure know how to have a good time!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Love Vegas... needless to say I have only been there once and that was to get married.. we didn't gamble or drink either and it was sooo much fun..
LOVE the shirt.. .that is toooooo cute..
Can't wait for more pictures...

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Adore Vegas... I forgot you were going... how much longer you there... oh if you want excellent Mexican go to Lindo Michoacan at 2665 E. Desert Inn Rd - oh it is to die for... the Tacos there... ummmm... a trip to Pahrump... small town - no better not send you there... a certain gentleman's establishment called Sherri's has the best lunches there... serious... we go there for lunch... oh... I could have given you a ton of things to do there... I am SO SO jealous... oh... go to my site.. you have an award...