Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bullet Notes

*Last week on Sunday I helped out at a Spa Day Fundraiser for THIS family who have one daughter from China, 2 biological sons and are currently adopting another daughter from Ethiopia. We did pedicures facials and spa manicures. I met some very nice ladies and got to reconnect with a few from our local adoption community. It was a wonderful evening.
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*Hummmm....Lesa left a comment on my blog a couple of posts ago and said she has a few secrets of her own.....I tried to connect to her blog by clicking her name only to see that she is a member of the June Bugs Secret pal exchange!!!! Nancy Drew wants to know if one of her secrets is that she is Debz secret pal??? LOL!!! Do you have a blog Lesa? If so I'd love to follow your story too.

*My little fur boy Bailey turns 9 today! Lately I have had to go outside and help him up the back steps, he tries to get his momentum going and makes an attempt but them chickens out. I think he must have fell off the step and that has him nervous now.
Weird how one of his eyes went green and the other went red in this picture! Perhaps he is trying to tell me to get my Christmas shopping started?

*Shane has to work in St. John's, Newfoundland this week. He has never been there before so I think he is really looking forward to it. He said he would bring me home a Tommy Cod!!! Ewwwwww! What kind of souvenir is that!
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*His company's main office is in Montreal, Quebec which is 13 hours away if you had to drive there and they are having their Christmas party the first Saturday of Dec. They have offered to fly me up for it! That would make it the most expensive date I've ever been on in my life! Part of me feels bad that they would be paying but come on if I had to pay would I even consider?? NOPE! I'm not as blond as I pay to be! I could think of alot more things to spend my money on this time of year. So.....what would you do?

*Here is a picture of one of the youth from our youth group doing a Charlie's Angels pose with me. Miss "P" is totally sold out for Jesus. She is an inspiration to everyone she comes in contact with. She is a born leader who will change the lives in her generation of those influenced by her. I love all of our youth and I would speak highly of each and every one of them for their own individualized gifting and anointing. Miss "P" and a few of the other younger ones went around the room during ministry and prayed with people. It was sweet.

*While I was away my darling husband finished the room in the basement! I was so excited when I got home and seen it. The furniture needs a quick shampoo and he has to set up his power point so the TV will be projected onto the wall and then I will have to adorn the walls and strategically place the furniture so that it will look like a nice "wreck room" LOL! I can't wait to have the youth over for movie nights! Actually, I can't wait to decorate it for Christmas as well! YAY!


A Mom- In-W8ing said...

Oh I so need a pedicure!!!! I just might have to come for a visit! ;o)

Bailey’s eyes freak me out! I thought you did it in Photoshop!

I hope Shane has a good week in NL … Tommy cod??? Sounds gross to me!

Lucky you a free flight to PQ for a party sounds like fun! Take lots of pictures!

Love the Charlie's Angels picture!

When I come for my pedicure I will make sure it is a movie night; I’ll bring the popcorn!

Smiles! :o)

Nadine said...

I would so go to the Christmas party.

The "wreck room" looks great. I love the colors and the flooring.

Your line, "I'm not as blond as I pay to be!" made me laugh. May I use that sometime in a story?

redmaryjanes said...

Good for you for helping out that family. That is wonderful. I love the Charlie's angels pose. Happy Thanksgiving!

Doris & Dan said...

Happy birthday Bailey!

I say take the trip. THEN, you and I could possibly meetup for coffee while you are in town!!!!

Keep smilin!

Janet said...

Great bullet post. GO ON THE TRIP! Sounds like fun!

When you gonna come this way and do MY manicure? :-)

mommy24treasures said...

Happy birthday to your fur buddy, he looks so sweet.

the room looks awesome!

Dara Caseley said...

I can not honestly think of one person who deserves a trip to Montreal more than you. I am so excited for you and Shane, what a wonderful time you will have!
Can I come dress shopping???

Thank you for the wonderful things you wrote about Miss P... I will show her in the morning!

By the way, I have a shampooer that I can take over to do your furniture with!!! I am excited to see the finished product... the colors are awesome!!!

Steffie B. said...

What a great hubby you have....love the angels pose! lol

OziMum said...

You've been busy! Shane is an gem! The room looks awesome!

Youth that know who their creator is, is a wonderful thing. Great pic!

geminirn said...

Take the trip,enjoy the party.I love how the family room turned out,the colours are great.hope hubby makes out ok in NFL.

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Love the angels pose...
What a great thing to do for the family...
Love the room... the youth kids will have a blast...
Have a Great Thanksgiving...

Shannon said...

Go, go, go! =) Not as blond as you pay to be...cracked me up! Happy Birthday to Bailey!