Monday, September 10, 2007

3 Generations of Lefty's

2007: Jac (19) our little rock star! I love how the guitar strap is red and it's on the blue side of the border and her hair is blue on her other side and the border is red. 1985:Me (16) UGGGG! I want that belly back!!!!!! Totally eighties here, I even have the double wrap around belt! The jeans were the ribbed super stretchy tight ankle kind! Yeah remember those? See the Paul Young magazine poster in the background?!!!! 1962: My Dad (17) playing with his brothers guitar. I heard Jac in the basement today playing with my nephews guitar and I snuck down with my camera! My Dad was born breech and was left handed. I was born breech and am left handed. You guessed it Jac was born breech and is also lefty. They say it's not hereditary!! We will question this theory if Jac has a breech lefty someday! The strange thing about these 3 photo's is we are all holding our guitars the way a right handed person would!

Below is a video from this past weekend. (Yup! I got the blogger video option to work finally!) We helped out at the grand opening of Music Rocks Academy and they had a little concert outside displaying their wares while some of the teachers played different instruments. This is Nathan Condon an Island celebrity fiddler. I have been saying for years I want to learn to play....well I think I finally may and who better to teach me than Nathan!!!

Also I have to add today that I seen this little guy on my car on Friday which was Sept. 7th. Isn't he cool! A few posts ago I mentioned I seen one but couldn't get a pic of it so here you go I finally did. He looks exaclty like a ladybug only he is yellow and has blocks instead of spots! Anyone out there care to guess otherwise?

Might I also mention CONGRATS to all of those with LIDs in JULY who are out of the review room!!! Sit back and take a deep breath. No more hoops to jump threw on this leg of the journey!


redmaryjanes said...

Lefty's and a ladybug. You have a very musical it!

Janet said...

That is very cool! You lefties, you! Maybe it means you're all geniuses!!!

OziMum said...

Cool photos!!! I love the pic of you!!!

Elise said...

That is too funny...especially the 80's photo (I have some very similar). You should frame the three photos, that would make a great collage!

Tracey & Mike said...

Love the photos! How cool that you're all lefties!
And love the abstract ladybug dude! Leave it to you to find one!

Nadine said...

Very cool the 3 generations pictures. I love it.

I have never seen a ladybug like it before very cool.

cougchick said...

those pictures...they ROCK! Ha.
love the eighties style. You were "awesome!".

Debbie said...

O.K don't remember being on your blog or is my memory just bad due to "mommy brain".....

Anywho, good for you guys - one on the way out of the house and another coming in.

At the rate China is going Olivia will be 19 before she gets a sister too!

(Olivia's lucky mommy)

Nikki & Larry said...

Great pics! I can tell you were quite the rocker!!

Watch out for some of the "odd" colored ladybugs...they BITE!! *NO JOKE!* My Mom got bit at work by one. She was trying to save it by taking it outside and setting it free.

Smiles! :o)

Drea said...

thats cool! And thanks for the shout out on the review room! I for one am sooo relieved!

"MissMeliss" said...

I'm a Lefty!!! :) but I don't play guitar!