Thursday, February 01, 2007

"Shannon r you ?"

(EDIT: Shannon is out of the review room!)

Elena r You?

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So if the CCAA were to stay at ths rate of speed that would mean we will be in the review room around May? and at 16 days worth of referrals we would be recieving our referral around ??? Nope I'm not going to believe that, I'm praying for before next Christmas . I can't bare to go through another Christmas with gifts under the tree for her and her not here. I really hope things speed up...(sigh)!


Shannon S said...

Oh my...this was not what I was expecting! You are so sweet, Debbie! Thanks for the shout out. =)

Shannon S said...

Wanted to add how I'm totally rockin' out to the Altered Images song!! Thank you for your splendid rendition of Happy out of the Review Room, too!

Lee-Anne said...

Yay! We're outta the review room!!! wOO hOO! CCAA think we're good enough for one of their girls... Yay!!!

Janet said...

I hope they speed up soon too, sweetie....:-)

Elisa, Jarrod & Thomas said...

Hey darling..I'm back in blogger land ya doing?

Melissa said...

Yes, Happy Birthday to Shannon!!
Thanks for my congrats, who would have ever thought we all would be HOPING that the CCAA would stay at 16 days per month??!!!
What a crazy ride this has been!

owens1299 said...

that just stinks... sooo sorry if you do have to wait that long!!