Monday, December 04, 2006

Happy December!

Well November is over, down come the birdhouse shutterups and up go the gingerbread men! They turned out sooo cute!
Natalie and Daniel arrived home on Saturday with their sweet little Mei Lin, I tried to post a photo but blogger wouldn't allow me too, I downloaded the pics from my camera to my laptop then sent them to a folder on this pc but it still wouldn't allow me, so you will have to skip over to their blog to see some pics. Lots of people showed up to greet them. I finally got to meet Jen after over a year, who I have known via blogging,e-mail,yahoo group, and through other mutual friends, and just as everyone said she is real a sweetheart.
After we left the airport we went to see "The Nativity Story" it was a really good movie! I highly recommend everyone to go see it.
Jaclyn came home for a visit Yesterday!!!! It was sooooo nice to see her,
we went to town to get her a new pair of boots then came home and then we came back and watched a movie together. It was really nice to have her come and visit and hang out with me. When she had to go I was a little sad but not near as bad as I was last weekend when she moved. I guess it will just get easier as time goes on.


kim said...

I LOVE your gingerbread men!!! Sounds loke you had a great day yesterday.....Mei Lin looks like she entertained you all!!!

Shannon said...

ohh those gingerbread men are so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

I just love those gingerbread men!! Or bonhomme gingembre!!

At first I thought they were cookies!! Yum!


Janet said...

I'm so glad you had some time with your baby.....your home looks so nice. It always looks perfect!

ladybugmommy said...

It was great to meet you too and you are a sweetheart too...that made my night to read that comment about myself (everyone loves to hear good things right) are so tiny in real life :) I love the gingerbread men. I want to go see the movie "The Nativity", Savannah was asking to go just today. Take care,