Thursday, October 05, 2006

Our 100th wish!

Alas the 100th one!
What is really cool is my Grandma who has prayed for me since I was born gave me the first piece and our Paster and wife gave us the last piece so I kinda feel that the 100 good wishes blanket is sealed in prayer from start to finish with the collecting.
AHHHHHHH! The feeling of having all the pieces is such a blessing! The piece they contributed came from a duvet cover that was made for their daughter Jenny's new purple room. Purple is Jenny's favorite color.
They were the first couple on P.E.I to adopt from China, They adopted in November, 1994
. While they waited Shirley wrote adoption inspired songs, ( Andrew wrote one too) some samples of her music can be seen on the right under Favorite Sites. Jenny is a bright, beautiful, talented gal who will melt your heart at first glance.
The passage on the wish is Isaiah 61:1-3, The Year of the Lord. Shirley wrote a precious prayer. Thank You, I can't wait til you see it complete. Posted by Picasa


Doris & Dan Clark said...

Good stuff! Hitting that 100 mark is a great accomplishment.

Keep smilin!

Kathy and Joel said...

Congratulations!! What a special way to begin and end your quilt. :)

Lee-Anne said...

Wow! You got 100 squares pretty quickly!!! Now you have the fun of putting them altogether! That's the best part!

And I can attest to shirley's music, it is beautiful.