Monday, October 09, 2006

4 Months DTC today!

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4 down 10-14 to go.
A couple of people are saying on their blogs that they think the
CCAA will do referrals with LID's up to August 31st, I really
hope they do, that would mean at least two referrals for our
province and a LID for us. The last 2 months of referrals have
been 9 and 18 days, the average according to a china research
site says 12 to 15 days.
I heard that this could be the month that things speed up so
even if it goes more than 18 days that will be showing a bit of
progress for the future referrals.
I'm kinda getting used to waiting for our LID, but trust me I
won't miss it. We will get it either this month or next so 4 or 5
months that we have waited for log in. Has anyone ever waited
any longer than this?


Kathy and Joel said...

I'm not sure what the record is, but this is kind of ridiculous. I feel for you, sweet girl. However, when that LID does arrive you will already be at least 3 months into your wait. :) Enjoy Thanksgiving!

Drea said...

Hey Deb, did the ministry say thats why it was taking so long because there haven't been any referrals out your way? Here's hoping that this is the month things start to speed up, otherwise, I might start feeling a little sick!

Shannon S said...

Happy 4 months closer to your sweetie-pie! (Oooh, wouldn't a big batch of referrals be lovely?!)

Janet said...

You poor thing! I really hope you get your LID sooooon! I would contact your agency if I were you. You are such a patient lady! I will be praying for you!

Janet T.

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

Janet, our province gets our LID before our agency. They said as soon as they know I will get a call or e-mail. The CCAA won't just send one LID to our province, they usually wait to put more info in the envelope such as referrals.
It will happen.

Julie said...

4 months down - yahoo!

But what is the deal with no LID! Come on LID!

Rhonda said...

...and here I was feeling sorry for myself because we've waited almost two months. Ouch.

Kennedy's mom said...

How much would I love for you to get your LID at the end of October? You know why I'm saying this, don't you Deb? A little selfish, I know, but I'm thinking of you too. It's a long time to wait. I hope you are pleasantly surprised and your LID is very soon after your DTC date. Here's to lots of referral days this month with LID's enclosed!

Doris & Dan Clark said...

Closer and closer! Happy 4 Months!

Fingers crossed for LID news.

Keep smilin!

Elisa, Jarrod & Thomas said...

I'm sure that when you do get your LID there will be a few celebratory drinks.
BTW love your Christmas ticker!

Dawn and Dale said...

Wow! You really are making me feel guilty for being so whiney when I needed to wait 2 mths for ours!

Hope it's very soon that you hear!!!

kim said...

Cant wait for you to get your LID...Everyday I check your blog and hope to see your post!!! It's going to "blow" us away!!!
Anywho...Happy 4 months LID!!!

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

Kim, You mean Happy 4 months DTC not LID! Got all excited there for a second!and yup it will be a very happy post that day!

Lindsey said...

HAPPY 4 MTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa & Oliver said...

That's a long wait for important news. Hope you get your LID soon.