Monday, September 25, 2006

Darn stork flew right over Summerside and I know he has my LID in his back pocket least he could have done was drop some Buckley's down my chimney!

Last month there were only 9 days of referrals sent out and this month there are 18 days ! We are on the rise! Praying for 22 or more days worth in October!
More would be better because if they stay at 18 days of referrals that brings us up to February 2008 :o( with our DTC of June 9th ( LID is probably June 16th we think, no confirmation on that yet but we know it's coming!)
OK While we are on THAT subject who has the longest running period between DTC to knowing their LID I think we might me making history here! In two weeks it will be 4 months! I know a couple waited almost 4 months, I think we are going to go past that. But I'm OK unless referrals come and my LID is not with the information packets then I'll panic.
Congrats to all who are anxiously waiting for their photo's and info! I found one so far: ELIZA'S STORY
It will be fun to follow her story in the upcoming days.
I know I will be I have nothing else to do, I'm shut in the house with the flu and I lost my voice so I can't even talk on the phone! I haven't even changed out of my P Jammies. Go figure I take a week off work to relax after 4 years with no vacation and boom I get the flu!!!. Probably bout time get it out of my system for another 4 years, don't want to have this when we go to China.

It Started on Friday , I thought it could be allergies I went to a Leadership Retreat at Belcourt in Rustico and the air was dry but the retreat was soooooooo inspiring!!!!! There is something about that place! It is just so safe feeling. The Sisters who run the Parish Center have a HABIT of making some fine meals too! Not to mention any names but one guy told a story in the lounge about going to see an old friend and went to her house but the girl wasn't there then he seen a lady walking from next door who was holding a baby and when he looked at the child he seen the face of his friend, he was told she had the baby and left her in foster care, hoh boy by them my eyes are watering! He then proceeds to say that he held the baby while they talked and after 45 min. or so the baby had to be pried off him, she didn't want to let him go!! Well then I was a puddle in the corner. Can you imagine the thoughts going threw my head? I'm thinking alot about our "Callie" bear!!! He caught me crying and said a little prayer for me and Shane with our wait.
Thanks Little guy! LOL *HUGABUGS*

Shane called tonight he is getting anxious to get home. They had 3 tornadoes touch ground on Friday night 1st time he said since 1927, glad everything was OK. He and a friend went to Cincinnati yesterday for a drive it is only 10 min. out of Florence KY where he is training. He went to a really cool Church there that was called "Fellowship of Believers" They had 3 services in the morning just to accommodate everyone that is a member there! Then in the evening they have a service for the Bikers!!! Too cool would love to see that! I miss you Shane.

So I felt so crappy I had to get my 19 yr old daughter to go get groceries and actually she did pretty good!! She spent less than I would have! Sorry for all the ranting and rambling just needed to talk to someone and this is the only way I can really communicate today pretty much!!! *HUGABUGS* Where is the ginger ale and some Chocolate? or cheese's? or Udderly Divine ice dream ... bla bla bla I know sorry!


Julie said...

Feel better!

Doris & Dan Clark said...

You poor thing! Sounds like an awful time. Take lots of vitamins and liquids. Rest.

Feel better soon!

Sending you vibes of good health and prayers for LID news (yeeesh! 4 months!)

Keep smilin!