Monday, August 14, 2006

Thank you Secret Pal!

I joined a yahoo group for adopting parents who's dossiers went to China or abroad in June. We call ourselves the JUNEBUGS (my moms name is June and she has this on her license plate! Actually my mother in laws name is also June! One's maiden name is Carr and the other is Ford!) , we have a secret pal exchange each month, and a great discussion board with lots to keep us occupied until our referral's come.
Thanks to my secret pal whoever you are... I really like the blanket it's so soft! I love the rattle and I will get lots of use out of the fridge calendar. I can't wait to wash the blanket in Ivory Baby clothes detergent and smell it! I just might have to curl up and watch some TV on my big chair with it and a cup -a- joe.
Thanks I love everything. Posted by Picasa


Mei Mei- Lori said...

I LOVE the blanket!!!!! Do you think they would come in Adult size? Just kidding...... errrrr or am I! he he

kim said...

Love your mother's names....How funny!!! I cant wait until our secret pal gift exchange starts...only 1 more month to wait!!! The blanket is sooo cute, especially with the ladybug on it!!! Enjoy

Doris & Dan Clark said...

No worry about calling one of your mothers by the wrong name!

Secret pal swaps are the best! Surprises are great!
Very cute items.

Keep smilin!

Lee-Anne said...

Fantastic gifts! (what a crack up - your Mum and in-laws names!!!) I love Secret Pal!