Friday, June 09, 2006

DTC!!! AMEN!!!

Wow what a great Day Yesterday was! ( I would have posted
but Blogger was down)We got an e-mail from the province
that they were sending the file to China the next day!
Yippie!!!, DTC JUNE 9th (Dossier to China) one more step behind us!
Hope it won't be long before we know what our LID is(Log in Date)
That is when we can officially say we are" Paper Pregnant"!
Now we need prayer for timelines to speed up! They were saying
8-10 months, then 10-14 , now according to our letter from FOI
that we received with our new to-do list they are saying 14-18!
That can speed up as quick as it slows down from what I've heard so
Pray,Pray ,Pray! On that list were another 14 names of people we may be traveling with! One on the list said that a couple backed out because they thought their children would be too far apart in age! (MY DAUGHTER IS 18 !!) So we are down to 13 in our group. It will be nice to get to know some of them over the next ummmm......... however long! Only one couple from the Maritimes, they live in NB, alot of the others are in Alberta. CHEERS!


Julie said...

Yeah! Congrats!

Made in China said...

Congratulations!! Welcome to the waiting club!


Lisa and Tate said...

WOW!!!! Congrats!!!! Next step isd the LID!!!!!


Lori said...

Happy DTC day to you......Happy DTC day to you......Happy DTC day to youuuuuuuu........Happy DTC day to you......Happy DTC day to you! Love your Mei Mei

ladybugmommy said...

Congratulations!!!! Not long now until LID.

Lee-Anne said...

CONGRATS!!! It's such a good feeling to know that your file is in the land of your baby's birth!

:) Lee-Anne

Christi said...

Congratulations! You are on your way : )

Dawn and Dale said...


Oh I know exactly how happy you guys are!!!

I'm hoping you hear about your LID quicker than we did!!!

So excited for you!!!



Rachel said...

Someone thought their kids would be too far apart in age. LOL! I am in trouble then. Mine are 20, 18, 10 and now 2(home only 10 weeks from China). I am glad that didn't stop us cause Olivia has been a perfect fit for us and her 20 year old brother LOVES her to death!!!

Stacy said...

Congratulations!! Isn't it a great feeling to have this part of the process finished. I hope you get your LID soon!!

Shannon S said...

YAY! So glad to hear that your paperwork was sent! Getting a list of other people in your group is very cool. Come on LID!