Monday, June 05, 2006

Benefit Concert Results

Well they had our adoption benefit concert Sunday night and WOW what a night! It went really well, We were introduced, and asked a couple of questions then Jenny Bryce sang the" Jenny " song to start off the night, she made me cry just as I thought she would. Thanks Jen, *HUGS.*
Ninth Hour did a extraordinary job we were so blessed, We Thank you so much!!!!!!
Our Pastor Andrew Bryce and His wife Shirley spoke about stories of adopting Jenny, It must have really hit home for them, Thanks for sharing your stories.
I was very happy to see a few of the people from the adoption community came for support, It was so nice to see them. Kevin and Cathrine who are waiting for their referral and Carolyn and Marvin who are also waiting, Jen and Jeff who are just a bit ahead of us in the wait, best wishes and prayers to all of you. There were lots of other families their who have adopted already, and possibly encouraged a few who were thinking of considering it. I made a guess that 1/3 of the people that were there were adopting,adopted or an adoptee. My cousin Bobby who just retired from Mounted Police in Ottawa a couple of years ago was here from Ontario,he was adopted by my Aunt and Uncle over 40 years ago!
Maurice Hashie was the auctioneer for 4 cakes I think that alone raised over 250.00! There was a silent auction out in the hallway, and after watching a couple of short videos they had a collection all total with donations and the silent auction they raised........4723.19!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you so much! To ALL of you who put this together, thanks to my sister Lori for being you! I am used to being on the giving end, now I realize how grateful people really are when you help them! Thank you Father in Heaven for opening the Heavens above us Sunday night!
I was most excited when my sister came up to me after all was said and done and she passed me an American one dollar bill the first thing I seen on it was "In God We Trust" and that I do! Before going to the concert I went threw Tim Hortons drive threw for a coffee and felt like God was telling me to give them an American penny so it came to 1.52 and I gave on Canadian and one American, I received back 100 fold with the American dollar! And then some!!!!!!!!!!! GOD SPEAK! That one dollar bill was the highlight of my night!
Here are a few pics I hope to get a couple of better ones from my sister and post them later in the week!
Hubby made one of the cakes! It sold for 75.00! Any man who pulls out a measuring tape to perfectly center a logo on a cake would make a perfect" Baba"( Daddy in baby Chinese!) in my books!


Shannon S said...

Wow! What an amazing, overwhelming successful event! Certainly a great story to tell your new baby girl all about.
PS Love the measuring tape! =)

ladybugmommy said...

What a beautiful night, I am sorry I couldn't stay longer and meet you in person. I was there for over an hour, but had to leave early as we had just stopped in as we were heading home from my Godson's Baptism. Jenny's song was so special and 9th Hour was amazing. What a great event!
Jennifer Brant

kim said...

WOW...Looks like you had an amazing night!! What a wonderful gift that you got from your friends/family who put on the event for you!! Wish I could've been there, but Saskatchwan is a few miles away....maybe your friends would do one here??? haha


Anonymous said...

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