Saturday, May 06, 2006

Well it has been a rough couple of days, I was broken hearted to learn that a great client of mine lost her favorite pet. I felt for her as I know she treated that pup like her bestfriend and took her everywhere they went. I had a lump in my throat the entire time she told me about how it happened, Rest in Peace MOLLY.
Thursday I was waiting for the ministry to e-mail us to tell us that our file was sent to Ottawa for translation but our PC ended up in the repair shop for the day.
While I was consoling my client about the loss of her beloved Molly I got a call that one of our good friends was killed in a motorcycle accident, he was only 29yrs. only married for 8 months and just came back from a late honeymoon last month, we were in shock actually are still having a hard time believing it.
My brother in law was also very close to him and is taking it extreamly hard. So if any of you out there pray please send one up for comfort during this hard time , expecially for his family and his beautiful wife.
We got our PC back Friday and the e-mail date was for Thurs. they did send our file out and I am grateful that we didn't get this good news on such a tragic day as Thursday was.

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Shannon S said...

What a heartbreaking day. Sending prayers up North to your friends and family.