Thursday, May 11, 2006

Ok I am fine now but yesterday was another story.
Our agency recieved all our info from the ministry, I sent
them the authentic documents and money orders they required
to prepare our file for China and yesterday they sent me an e-mail
that one question on my medical form wasn't answered! How did
this pass me, our social worker and the ministry! I thought we
checked and double checked.(Went back to the Dr. office twice to
fill out unanswered questions.) Thank you F.O.I for having such a
keen eye.Can you imagine if this would have been sent back from
China for a simple oversee. So hubby was home for dinner and
took a copy to our Dr. to fix and faxed it back to them.
So now we wait for I think Bob said about 2 weeks then it will
be sent back to Ministry for provincial seals then DTC. Off to China it goes.


ladybugmommy said...

That is crazy!!! I can't believe it went through so many people to find that mistake. Thanks for your note on my site, this is quite a rollercoaster ride we are on. It will be fun once the ride is over and we look back on it from the safety of the ground. Did you guys decide on the waiting Children Program?
Take care,

Shannon S said...

As frustrating as this glitch is, it is great that it was caught. You'll be DTC soon! Enjoy your PEI Adoption Group get-together!

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