Thursday, May 18, 2006

Lady bugs on my shutters

I put someting different on my shutters each month and for this month I made ladybugs. My husband cuts them out and I paint them. We called them "Shutter ups" because the only time I "shut up" is when he finishes cutting them out!
Jan- Bird houses
Feb- Hearts
Mar- Shamrocks
Apr- Carrots (Easterbunny Bait!)
May- Ladybugs
June- Butterflies
July- nothing yet
Aug- nothing yet
Sept- Apples
Oct- Pumpkins
Nov- Nothing yet
Dec- Gingerbread men (these are my favorite)
Any Ideas for the other 3 months anybody? I think I might do a kitty for July or August to honor Harley Kitty, who we buried last night under the tree in our back yard. ( I planted mint on her grave site, she loved mint.) Posted by Picasa


Made in China said...

OMG you are going to make me cry again! What a sweet idea to plant the mint (*sniff*) I am very sensitive when it comes to animals. Last night I wouldn't even let our cat (Billy) out at all and I gave him some extra special attention.

For July you could do little flags ... I like the cat idea.

Dana said...

You could do the Canadian flag for July or even in Nov for Remembance Day.

Anonymous said...

I think that putting kitties on your shutters is a wonderful way to honor your feline friend and keep "HARLEY'S"memory.

ladybugmommy said...

Cute Ladybugs, they are so sweet and what a great idea. When you get your referral you will have to put them up again! I saw your house on Mother's day when we went out for a drive....the ladybugs caught my eye before I realized it was your place by your sign out front!
Take care,

Doris Clark said...

That sounds like a great way to honour your furry baby.

Keep smilin!

Tash said...

hey Deb,
It's natasha. I love the idea of putting different things on your shutters! So cool! I have enjoyed your blog and am praying for that little baby of yours in china. See you soon. Tash

Debra Sue said...

Well I was going to suggest you do American Flags for Independence Day, then, DOH! I realized you're Canadian!
I am sorry to hear about your furbaby. The kitties are good - a nice way to remember. If that's too much, perhaps dragonflies for July and watermelon slices for August?