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from our web site

From our web site
March 28th: Ladybugs are considered good luck and are very symbolic to families adopting from China. Today Shane was at work and while welding something outside a ladybug landed on his knee.!!

March 27th: Got a call from Richie at the Province today and she informed me she will be out of the office for the next 3 weeks and that she will review our file when she is back. We made an appointment for April 25th at 1:00pm to meet with her. So my time line is off by about a month. I just hope another part of the process will be faster than I predict and we will get back on track. I have predicted Feburary 10, 2007 as our "gotcha day".

March 6th: We just added a new page with Jaeger and Spencer's pictures they are soooo cute and while I was working on this page the phone rang and it was our social worker asking me if I know of anybody who would like a completed homestudy!!!!! We went out right away and picked it up to sign and proof read and tomorrow we will take it back to her and she will send it to the province for approval!!

Febuary 22nd: Well you guessed it , it was a boy!!!! I am never right predicting genders :0( . She went in and they said she was dilated to 3 so they broke her water and around 2:00 pm he made his entrance with a thump all 9 lbs 2 OZ of him!!! He is 21 1/2" long!! They named him "Jaeger Aaron Joseph". Can't wait to see him!

Febuary 21st: YES..YES..The Mailman loves me!! and the 1 lb cookie will have to wait til another day!!( And I'm sure through this process there will be other days!) The letter was the only thing in the mail box today.!!!! Hip Hip Horray. Thank you Lord soo much for answering prayers. I don't know if any of you know or not but Shanes sister Tara is going to the hospital tomorrow to be induced she is 1 week over due! So I am hoping for a niece. It will be nice to follow her through the changes in the baby as we will be missing "Baby" Callie's first year. I'll let you know what the gender is. I'm putting my bucks on a girl. UMMM 7 lbs 2 oz??????? We'll see.

Febuary 20th: Well we are ready and willing to go to the Province with our file but it seems one of the documents we are waiting for from Ottawa has been shuffled in with other mail at the bottom of someones desk with the stamp "URGENT" on it!!! Shane called her Thursday and she said sorry and that it would be in the mail pronto , that we should have it no later than Tuesday ..... well tomorrow is Tuesday. So If all else fails I'm going on a safari threw the fridge and cubbards!!!!!!!!!! I may make the worlds first 1lb cookie! I'll let you know if the letter comes............

Febuary 8th: On Feb 2nd we got the draft for our homestudy and reviewed it, had to change a few little things on it. We are now just waiting for one document from Ottawa and then we will be off to the province. The first phase of our adoption is almost done! I wish that document from Ottawa would hurry up....I feel like every delay is one day farther from her.. I am really emotional today for some reason I think it is because our pastor and his lovely wife let us go threw their Scrapbooks of when they adopted Jenny and We also watched their video, it was amazing what they seen when they were there. At the end of their scrapbook was where I found most of my was a copy of their Christmas letter to friends and family just bursting with joy that their story had a happy ending... it was "their" new beginning. I know God has that in store for us also." He is my fortress, strength, shield and stronghold"(Psalm 18:2,3)

January 30th: Yesterday was the first day of Chinese New Year it lasts for 15 days. My best friend gave birth yesterday to a baby boy 7lbs 2oz. 19inches long, cute as a pea.His name is Spencer!Tonight was our last meeting with our worker reguarding our homestudy questions, she sealed a few loose ends and is just waiting on a couple of things from us then it goes to the province.

January 16: Met with Our worker at our house at 7:00pm. She had a tour of our home and asked Jaclyn a few questions then asked us a few questions. She is going to write up our application(writing this takes 9 or 10 hours of work) and get the proper documents from us and let us proof read it then send it to Family services in Charlottetown where we will await a call to meet with them to go over our file before they send it to Family Outreach International for translation. Our worker said that mid Febuary of next year looks good.That would mean 15 months from 1st appointment with her. (I am praying for earlier)!!

January 10th:We got bumped a week ! Our worker called not feeling well. She is coming next Monday.

December 23rd: :last day for mail before the holidays get under way and low and behold there in my mail box was a letter from our agency saying we are now officially registerd with them and will await information from our social worker reguarding our homestudy and the acquisition of provincial approval.This was nice news to get before the holidays!

December 7th: Filled out registration for our agency "Family Outreach International" and sent it in the mail with our registration fee first thing this morning so it would get there by Friday

December 6th: Got more paperwork ready to go to homestudy for tonight, this will be the last appointment until Jan. 10th when she comes to our house to check things out and interview Jaclyn. We talked tonight about a few things that we hadn't had time to touch base on in our bio's and she asked why we chose to adopt, asked about health and about Jaclyn. When we were all done she asked if there were any questions and I asked the big one "Can we hire the adoption agency?" and she said YES!!!!!!!!! So we have been accepted by her!!! Merry CHRISTmas to us!!! Thank you Father! Amen

November 29th: Our appointment went well tonight, we talked about our families, Jaclyn and our marriage, we finished our interview on our biographys and we gave her my financial statments from my buisness & guardian letter. She wantsus to start on our passports and make appointments for medicals(physicals). We don't have a family doc. so we think we have to hire a doc. to do this for us. She sees us in one week again and then she will tell us weather to hire our agency now or wait ....Also got our approval from Family Protection via phone call at 10:00am. which kept me pretty calm today before our meeting with our worker. So keep us in your prayers and I'll top you up next week after we see her again... oh also she said we might be done of homestudy Febuary... then it goes to China!!! Hope she means first of Feb.

November 15th: 1st official appointment. Also 1st official snow fall. Off to see social worker again with all the neccessary paper work.( except child protection check, they are supposed to mail to our worker) We dropped off our biographies to her on the 10th so she could review them Before she seen us tonight. She asked us each about school and our careers. We see her in two weeks again for more on family and marriage ect.... this could get juicy!!! LOL She told us the average time waiting is from start of homestudy to gotcha day approximatly 16 months, we'll be rushing it the best we can on our end.

October 18th: Appointment with our social worker, She sent us home with lots of paperwork.I can't wait to get started on it.

August 12th: We decided to adopt a child from China.Called our social worker and set up our appointment to meet with her.

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